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Ton Rüland

Ton was born in Geleen in 1960 and moved to Oss in 1970.

He became interested in painting in 2001 when, impulsively he put a brush stroke on the wall and did not like it. All of a sudden his interest in painting art arose. He took lessons for several years with visual artist Hélène Jansen van Bavel. The lessons had an anthroposophical basis in which attention, inspiration, authenticity and intuition are central. After this he followed 6 years of training in Arendonk at the Academy of Fine Arts. In Arendonk he learned to paint like the old masters did in their time. In addition to being an artist, Ton also guides people on their way to a more conscious way of living. His motto is: "don't fence me in" (borrowed from the song by Bing Crosby).

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