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Theo Spaaij

Hello, my name is Theo Spaaij. I was born at 20-09-1954 in Enschede, a small town in the east of Holland.

I always wanted to be an artist but my parents did not agree and sent me to a graphic school. After I finished my education and worked at an off-set company I attended an arts academy called AKI in the evenings. After about 5 years they did not allow me to do examination because my work was not abstract enough, which was all the rage at that time. So I left school but continued painting and had some exhibitions in small restaurants and theaters.

In 1986 I moved to Eindhoven and attended an arts high school in Tilburg called The Academy for Visual Arts. After 4 years I took my examination in 1990, and developed my own visual language which is a combination of realism and abstract painting and I have had many exhibitions since then.

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