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Kris Neyt

Born in 1957. As if that matters. And yet, it is the years that have passed that have shaped me as an artist. As a little boy I dreamt of making art. I was always and everywhere busy drawing, much to my mother's annoyance. I drew on every material I found. My dear parents were not so keen on the idea of me leading an artist's life, so under a little gentle pressure, I chose another profession. But I never stopped painting and drawing.

The process of making art is a bit like learning to swim: at first you’re a bit lost and trying to swim in what feels like wild water, while later on when you know how to swim you'll be able to find your calm in the waters, float quietly and even play in it. And that's how I ended up working with the style I use now. The geometric abstraction, but usually with a small twist. I stopped at the straight line. She never lies, sometimes has no beginning or end. The straight line is always the shortest way. I demarcate surfaces with them, let them open and let your eyes wander to a strange perspective. Sometimes they are meaningful, sometimes just a collection of lines and surfaces, but always real. It is not that I want to make complicated paintings, but I like to make a simple canvas in a difficult way.

I can ask a question in a thousand lines, but it is better that the viewer asks a question about two lines.

Si c'était possible, je raconterais une histoire avec une seule ligne, je le ferais absolument ! Mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé cette ligne.

Si fuera posible contar una historia con una sola línea, lo haría sin duda alguna, sólo que aún no he encontrado esta línea.

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