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Jannes Koetsier

Jannes Koetsier (1979), addresses several themes: landscapes, portraits, models in various poses, beach and village views. Some paintings depict the landscape near the village of Grijpskerk. Here, in a former industrial building, his studio can be found.

“I have many interests and almost everything can be an inspiration for my paintings. The real subject, however, is always light, colour and paint. I concentrate on the things that really interest me and leave out a lot. The process of painting is always exciting: when does a brushstroke become what you have in mind? Painting is first and foremost a method of observation: you explore and must be aware of how the light falls onto an object. A photograph registers everything as it is, in other words everything you see is important. While painting you have to make decisions with your eyes, because it is impossible to catch everything in a painting. That selection gives a work its personal character.”


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