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Willy Pickkers

Willy Pickkers, born in Amsterdam, now living in Hoorn. Painting is her way of expressing herself, it’s her outlet: by capturing the beauty of nature as I see it, putting pleasure and passion into my work, but also persevering and letting go of negative emotions. All this in my own way, as I am for sure stubborn.

My inspiration comes mainly from nature, from the peace it radiates, but also from how we deal with nature, or even from how we destroy it. My work exudes happiness but can sometimes be rough. I like using a lot of color, sometimes a little too much. I like experimenting with technics, the more the better. My work doesn't tick any boxes and I certainly don't want it to do so. My work does not need to be "read" or understood. I want to portray and express what I feel and what my experiences are, so there are no boundaries or rules. I want to paint as freely as possible."

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