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Ron Tetteroo

Ron Tetteroo, 25 March 1963, has been a freelance advertising and fashion photographer since 1986, having worked for many leading brands and magazines at home and abroad. His use of light and sense of atmosphere is evident in his snapshot-like, cinematic photography. Also, in his free work, which is mainly erotic in tone, he shows that it is not just about simply capturing the main character, but wants it to go further; charisma, story and feeling, that is what he strives for. In doing so, his models often have to go further than they are used to, it is not about just taking a picture; it is about showing feeling, trying to get more out of themselves, and telling a story. Because of his way of photography, many artists and musicians have now managed to find him, also mainly because he also likes to work with emerging talent, even when there is hardly any budget

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