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Jan Teunissen

Lives and works in Best in The Netherlands near Eindhoven. Initially, he followed a technical education and graduated as a business engineer. Jan Teunissen is a major autodidact. His work is characterized by a high level of reality and an often somewhat mystical, ‘chiaroscuro’ atmosphere. Still-life with images of utensils and food such as bread and fruit. So lifelike, and basically no bigger than in real life, these paintings are such that they evoke comments and have ratings such as: "So real you could take a bite out of it.", "You can smell what fruit it's all about." or "Any moment a worm can crawl out of those pears." Studying many pieces of art from the old masters, working with fellow painters, and especially experimenting with materials and subjects, gave Jan the ability to create realistic paintings in a responsible and artistic way.

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