Johan van Dreven

Nude is often used in a sensual, provocative way. My work shows that nude can be art, stripped of all sexual interpretations. In my work I try to convey a message by allowing the viewer to discover for themselves what they see. After many years I found my signature. “Nude, but not naked”. Inspiration comes from naive art, expressionism and magical realism.

In my youth I did not get to know art. In high school I developed a talent for working with color and form. At the end of my adolescence, I destroyed my work. Desperate for not understanding my talent, I turned away from art.

I work very intuitively. The creation takes place digitally. I like to create backgrounds with different brushes. People often ask how much time it takes to make a work. I do not know exactly. Do I have to include the photo shoot and the preliminary interview in terms of time? Sometimes I use an object as a background multiple times, each time edited in a different way.

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