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Thousands of paintings, drawings, sculptures and objects are stored in countless studios and attics. The biggest passion of artists is often annoyingly accompanied by a huge frustration. “How do I get my art promoted and sold”.

The personality of an artist is often extremely fascinating, but in most cases only becomes visible when the artist becomes famous. Artist Attic Online shows the fascinating and authentic character of the artist in an innovative ‘no cure no pay’ platform. Potential buyers see a painting or a sculpture, Artist Attic Online adds 'the creators heart’ to the art! “It's the story, that gets people excited”.

Join Artist Attic Online, Selling Art with Personalities!

Creator and founder of the Artist Attic Online platform: Mauritz Briët (1969), has been producing prime time television for more than 30 years. As a Creative Consultant he advised and supported the teams of The Voice (Adult, Kids, Senior), Dancing With The Stars, MasterChef, X-Factor, Idols and Got Talent in more than 25 countries.As an Executive Producer he was responsible for the first 3 seasons of Holland's Next Top Model and many other prime time TV productions for the Dutch market.

Mauritz has also always been an entrepreneur, He is a Founding Partner of the Model Scouts Network, which has been organizing The Model Convention since 2007. He created The Fashion Lisst, a stock and sample sale in the Amsterdam Rai and he initiated the talent searching, training and management concepts Wannabeontv, Gottabeontv and The Agent-Z.

Mauritz has been creating creative initiatives for many years.  He knows how to inspire and connect people but most of all: he knows how to get things done. “I am fascinated by the drive and passion of creative souls, I believe Artist Attic Online gives them the possibility to showcase their creations and reach an enormous audience.”


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